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Do you know what a Low Carb diet is and how Fitness Lunch Boxes can help you?

The low carb diet reduces the amount of carbohydrates consumed daily in a diet. Typically, a person ingests 50% to 60% of carbohydrates in a normal diet, per day. On a low-carb diet, you consume 50% to 5% of carbohydrates but beware, a high amount of macronutrients may not be healthy.

In a diet with a low carbohydrate content, the consumption of low glycemic index carbohydrates (foods where sugar is absorbed more slowly) is prioritized. Examples are sweet potatoes, brown rice, among others.

Not all vegetables are low carb, so it is important to be very careful not to cut the plan. The easiest way to follow an error-free diet is to have Fitness lunch boxes always ready. We know how difficult it is and we work to prepare all low-carb lunch boxes and show them ready for consumption.

Like low-carbohydrate lunch boxes, they are developed by our nutritionist, using the maximum use of the diet. All products from the low carb lunchbox are specially selected by our chef and as recipes are prepared especially in conjunction with a nutritionist and chef.